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18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer
  • 18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer
  • 18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer

18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer

LiuGao is a professional sales 18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer manufacturers. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is evident in the delivery of high-quality products, customized to meet diverse requirements. Opt for Liu Gao for dependable solutions and profound expertise in the dynamic power industry.

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Product Description

Liu Gao is a 18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer Suppliers, The S9 series of fully sealed oil-immersed distribution transformers, designed to meet and exceed the stringent standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), stands out for its exceptional performance. Distinguished by a core crafted from premium cold-rolled silicon sheets, adopting a full-miter non-puncture structure for enhanced durability, and featuring a coil composed of high-quality oxygen-free copper, these transformers offer optimal conductivity and efficiency. The choice of a radiator oil tank, available in either corrugated sheet or expansion type, further exemplifies the versatility and adaptability of these oil-immersed transformers, making them a noteworthy choice for various applications.

A distinctive advantage of the S9 series lies in its elimination of the need for an oil conservator. This design modification not only reduces the overall height of the oil-immersed transformer but also contributes to operational efficiency. Moreover, by preventing the transformer oil from coming into contact with air, the aging process of the oil is significantly slowed down. This crucial feature, coupled with the robust construction and sealed design of the oil-immersed transformer, translates to an extended service life, ensuring sustained reliability and performance over time.

The applications of this oil-immersed transformer product are diverse, making it a preferred choice for various settings, including urban power grid reconstruction, residential districts, factories, high-rise buildings, mining facilities, hotels, shopping malls, airports, railways, oil fields, wharves, highways, and numerous other outdoor environments. The S9 series, as a fully sealed oil-immersed transformer, stands as a reliable and adaptable solution for a wide range of power distribution needs in both urban and industrial contexts.

18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer Operating Environment

1. Highest ambient temperature: +40℃

2. Lowest ambient temperature: -25℃

3. Elevation: below 1000 meters

4. Highest monthly average relative humidity: 90% (at 20℃)

5. Installation location: suitable for installation in areas free from fire or explosion hazards, significant pollution, chemical corrosion, or excessive vibration, whether indoors or outdoors.

18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer Characteristics

1. The oil-immersed transformer exhibits good heat emission and a substantial overload capacity. It can operate without a wind machine for an extended period at 130% overload, maintaining full load without compulsory wind cooling under IP45 conditions.

2. The oil-immersed transformer ensures perfect safety and resistance to fire, capable of withstanding combustion for a prolonged period at 800ºC without emitting smoke.

3. With strong resistance to thermal shock, the oil-immersed transformer can be loaded immediately at -50ºC.

4. The oil-immersed transformer features complete waterproofing and airproofing to enhance its durability.

5. Ensuring no partial discharge, the oil-immersed transformer maintains a high level of operational integrity.

6. With good hydrophobicity and resistance to alkaline cauterization and fundamental influence, the oil-immersed transformer proves to be reliable in diverse environmental conditions.

7. The oil-immersed transformer is environmentally friendly, producing low noise, no deleterious gases, and is easy to decompose.

18KV Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer Features

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