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24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation
  • 24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation
  • 24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation

24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation

LiuGao stands as a dedicated 24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation manufacturer,XBZ2 intelligent/XBJ2 compact box-type substation of 24kV (20kV), hereinafter referred to as the box-type substation, leverages the advantages of foreign box-type substations. It incorporates new techniques, advanced electrical components, and HVILV automated technology to meet the requirements of state grid automation and electric power standards. The substation is configured as a single box or multiple boxes assembled with HV switchgear, distribution transformer, LV switchgear, electric energy metering equipment, and power compensation equipment. Intelligent modules are installed on both HV and LV sides to achieve automation in the distribution grid, enabling remote control, sensing, signaling, regulating, and upper-computer system management. This equipment is suitable for various locations, including urban high-rise buildings, residential houses, industrial and mining enterprises, municipal constructions, and transient construction projects. It offers advantages such as strong reliability, compact footprint, low investment, easy maintenance, reliable operation, aesthetic appearance, long service life, and seamless integration with the surroundings.

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Product Description

Liugao is 24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation supplier.The box shell is meticulously designed, drawing inspiration from advanced foreign technology, and boasts attributes such as robustness, heat insulation, ventilation, stable performance, corrosion resistance, dust prevention, waterproofing, small animal protection, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Various shell materials are available, including steel plate, composite plate, stainless steel plate, cement plate, among others.

The high-voltage room accommodates high-voltage switchgear like XGN15, HXGN17, or KYN28A, facilitating high-voltage incoming lines, high-voltage metering, and high-voltage outgoing lines.  Different power supply modes, such as ring network power supply, terminal power supply, and dual power supply, can be arranged on the high-voltage side.  Additionally, high-voltage metering elements can be installed to fulfill metering requirements.  The main switch typically employs a load switch or vacuum circuit breaker, featuring a compact and well-designed structure with anti-misoperation functionality.

The low-voltage room houses low-voltage switchgear like GGD, GCS, or MNS, managing low-voltage incoming lines, reactive compensation, and low-voltage outgoing lines.  The low-voltage side adopts a panel-type or cabinet-mounted structure to create the desired power supply scheme for users, catering to functions such as power distribution, lighting distribution, reactive compensation, and electric energy metering.  The primary switch often employs a universal circuit breaker or intelligent circuit breaker, offering flexibility in installation and ease of operation.

The transformer room allows for the use of fully sealed oil-immersed transformers or dry-type transformers.  Options for oil-immersed transformers include S9, S11, S13, or SH15, while dry-type transformers may include SCB10, SCB11, SGB10, or SCBH15.  Customers can configure the setup according to their specific needs, providing greater selectivity and flexibility.

The box cover features a double-layer structure with foam plastics filling the interlayer, offering excellent heat insulation.  The transformer room is equipped with anti-condensation and automatic temperature control monitoring, along with heating and cooling devices.  Dust-proof devices are strategically placed on the door sheet and louvers outside the side plate.

24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation Operating Environment

1. Altitude: ≤1000m

2. Ambient temperature: +40℃ to – 25℃

3. Relative humidity: Daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%

4. Abnormal severe vibration or impact

5. Environment for installation: Outdoor, no fire or explosion danger, no corrosive gas or dust, no sharp impact.

24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation Specification

24KV(20KV) Smart/Compact Box Substation Features

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