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Liugao is a leading manufacturer of American type substations, known for their unique features that provide outstanding solutions for power distribution needs. Our signature product, the American type substation, stands out with its compact design and space efficiency. Housed in a weatherproof enclosure, it integrates transformers, switchgear, and essential components, making it ideal for urban areas with limited space.

These substations boast exceptional durability and weather resistance, constructed from corrosion-resistant steel to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and corrosive elements. This ensures a prolonged equipment lifespan and uninterrupted power supply in adverse weather conditions.

Installation and maintenance are streamlined with the modular design, reducing on-site construction time and costs. Easy access to internal components simplifies routine tasks, minimizing downtime for repairs and upgrades. The substations also offer flexibility and scalability, customizable to specific distribution requirements, allowing for easy expansion or upgrades as electricity demand grows.

Safety is paramount in Liugao's American type substations, featuring tamper-resistant enclosures and advanced security measures to protect critical components. Advanced monitoring and control systems provide real-time information on the substation's status, ensuring operational safety for both the infrastructure and personnel.

By choosing Liugao's American type substations, you are guaranteed exceptional performance and reliability. Our products bring advanced, efficient, and secure solutions to your power distribution system.

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YB6-11/15/33/0.4KV Export Type American Prefabricated Box Substation

YB6-11/15/33/0.4KV Export Type American Prefabricated Box Substation

Lugao takes pride in being a YB6-11/15/33/0.4KV Export Type American Prefabricated Box Substation manufacturer.The cable branch box features a compact structure, significantly reducing volume compared to European-style substations of similar capacity (1/3-1/5 the size).This design optimizes floor space utilization, providing an efficient solution. The Type American Prefabricated Box Substation adopts a whole-sealing and fully insulated structure, eliminating the need for insulation distance.This ensures enhanced personal safety through effective insulation measures. High-voltage wiring is versatile, accommodating both looped network and terminal configurations with high reliability and flexibility, adapting to various network setups. The transformer within the Type American Prefabricate......

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30KV American Type Substation

30KV American Type Substation

LiuGao proudly stands as a dedicated American Type Substation manufacturer, delivering excellence through our 30KV American Type Substation—a cutting-edge American type combined substation designed to seamlessly integrate high voltage control, protection, power transformation, and distribution functions.Primarily utilized in urban and rural power distribution systems, this versatile product boasts a unique design with high voltage load switches and fuses installed in the transformer oil.Featuring two distinct structures—co-located with the transformer or housed separately—it caters to a wide array of applications.From high-rise buildings, urban and rural structures, residential communities, and high-tech development areas to small and medium-sized factories, mining sites, oil fields, temp......

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In China, Lugao supplier specializes in American Type Substation. As the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide price list if you want. You can purchase our high quality and customized American Type Substation from our factory. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!
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